Python in commercial software

Andy Todd andy47 at
Mon Dec 3 00:33:50 EST 2001

I don't know if anyone else has spotted this but an eagle eyed colleague of 
mine was at the Brio conference today and noticed that the latest version 
of Brio Portal ( has 
dropped javascript as its scripting language and has bundled jython. 

The marketing department is obviously a bit slow and the only reference on 
their web site is in the 'whats new in Brio Portal 7.0' pdf available on 
the product page.

For those who don't know Brio or who don't want to venture to their web 
site Portal is an enterprise reporting solution designed to sit on top of 
corporate data warehouses and produce decision support information. Its a 
good tool and I'd recommend trying it if you are implementing a corporate 
reporting (or EIS or MIS) solution.

I'm not affiliated with Brio Software by the way, I've just used it and 
like it.

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