PEP 276 Simple Iterator for ints (fwd)

Paul Jackson pj at
Fri Dec 7 01:58:00 CET 2001

David writes:
|> The clear rule is, the middle term of a three-way comparison
|> is always a variable, just like the way (in current Python)
|> the left term of an "in"

Ok - so you choose to go down that fork in the decision tree:

    The problem I have with this then is that it results
    in the comparison operators <, <=, ..., >, >= sometimes
    requiring a list of assignable expressions on one or the
    other side, as opposed to their current usage, which
    requires comparable expressions on both sides.

    This sort of subtle, context sensitive syntax change
    feels weird and unsettling to me.

Oh, and that brings up another fine point.  Whereas I can

    for (a,b) in ((1,10), (2,11)):

I suspect you wouldn't want me to be able to say:

    for (1,10) <= (a,b) <= (2,11):

Or perhaps you would ??  This starts to get complicated again.

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