Python and FLTK

Kevin Dahlhausen kdahlhaus at
Mon Dec 3 15:15:29 EST 2001

"Tuca Atuc" <atuc at> wrote in message news:<9ue0sf$qoa$07$1 at>...
> "Mike Tsakiris" <miir at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
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> > Is anybody working of porting FLTK to Python;
> > There was one in Sourceforge, but seems to have stopped.
> >
> >
> email gideon at i think he is working on this,
> alex

Yes, I was working on the Sourceforge one.  It works pretty well, only
you can not subclass widgets within Python.  We started looking at the
Boost Python Library instead of swig, which would allow the
subclassing, but did not get very far.  Please post your response from

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