SnoPy 0.1 - SNOBOL pattern matching for Python

Gerhard Häring gh_pythonlist at
Sun Dec 23 06:26:35 EST 2001

Le 23/12/01 à 10:58, Dale Strickland-Clark écrivit:
> Don Rozenberg <rozen at> wrote:
> > [announcing SnoPy]
> Wow! That's interesting. Snobol was one of the first languages I
> learned and I loved it.
> I still have some Snobol4 books by Griswold on my shelves here.
> But having just checked the links, I see it's Linux only :-(.

Only the Makefile seems to be Linux (Unix?) specific for now. Provided
you have the necessary tools (bison, SWIG, GNAT) it would be pretty easy
to build it on Windows. If anybody plans to do this, she/he might find
the Makefiles from my pyAda project ( useful for
building DLLs with GNAT on Windows.

They enable you to write Python extensions with GNAT on Linux, FreeBSD,
Solaris and Windows. I don't have any plans, however, to do further work
on it.

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