Does 'super' exist?

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Sun Dec 9 20:04:48 EST 2001

Bruce Eckel wrote:


> This happened to some degree with Java's awful
> 'System.out.println()' which I tried shortening to prt() or
> something, but finally realized that everytime someone saw that
> they'd have to think "oh, that's actually System.out.println(),"
> wasting one of the 7+-2 things they can hold in their head at any
> one time.

Man I wish package authors (who typically want to expose
a.b...z as a.z for "ease of typing") would realize this.
Experienced users have easy ways of shortening the load on
their fingers, but beginners are frustrated in their attempts
to "use the source, Luke".

-- Gordon

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