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Andrei Kulakov sill at
Sun Dec 16 22:09:48 CET 2001

In article <slrna1q0ud.pf6.sill at>, Andrei Kulakov wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm looking for solutions or advice on persistant options / config file.
> Here's an example file:
> ~/.programrc
>     # this option does [...]
>     opt1 = 3
> When the program is run and this option's changed from inside program,
> it should be written back to the config file.
> I know how to do this but I thought maybe there's a module that does
> this sort of thing already. I searched VoP but there's nothing of this
> sort there.. It seems like a lot of programs would benefit from this
> capability.. right?
>  - Andrei

When I was asking that question, I thought about having a conf file
that's both modified by user directly and updated by program when user
changes some options there, but now that I thought about this, I
realized some options should be in a conf file and shouldnt' be changed
from inside program at all, while others can be changed from the program
and kept in a shelve file or a dbm file and shouldn't be in the conf
file. Thanks to all who answered!

 - Andrei

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