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Bruce Eckel Bruce at
Sat Dec 8 23:26:50 CET 2001

Sure, but why can't I use the search mechanism to do this? If it
won't discover a document when I give it the exact title, it seems
pretty difficult to find lesser things. For that matter, I can't
think of when the search mechanism on the site has given me what I
was looking for. It seems to vary between thousands of documents
and "nothing found"

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On 12/8/01 at 10:38 PM Gerhard Häring wrote:

>Le 08/12/01 ? 13:28, Bruce Eckel écrivit:
>> Here's an example. In the Python FAQ, there's a reference (no
>> to a document:
>> 5.1. Can I create my own functions in C?
>> Yes, you can create built-in modules containing functions,
>> variables, exceptions and even new types in C. This is explained
>> the document "Extending and Embedding the Python Interpreter"
>> LaTeX file Doc/ext.tex). Also read the chapter on dynamic
>> So let's try to find "Extending and Embedding the Python
>> Interpreter". Using 'search,' using 'advanced search,' nothing
>> comes up with that title. Maybe it doesn't exist. Who knows. I
>> this struggle a lot when hunting for python information.
>The docs you're refering to are in the standard Python
>for example here:
>I agree that documentation can always be improved. Especially with
>respect to extension programming. On the other hand, especially
the docs
>on the C API have improved lately. But I still need to go hunting
>examples in existing C modules most of the time.
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