Fallen Angels, Originators of Evil on Planet Earth?

Steven Majewski sdm7g at Virginia.EDU
Fri Dec 14 11:06:46 EST 2001

 If you buy into the initial statement of the problem, but not the
theory of demonic time-sharing, then that would explain why demonic
possession is a relatively rare phenomenon in modern times compared
to ages past. The number of deamons have remained relatively
constant, while the human population has soared, so deamons are
spread thin and percentage of the population who are deamon
possessed has fallen.
 But I don't believe that the deamon population is constant: there
are lots being generated on computers every day, and I'll bet that
some of them have escaped! ( Maybe they don't actually die when
you 'kill' them! )

-- Steve

On 14 Dec 2001, Andrew Kuchling wrote:

> news at originsofevil.com writes:
> > Fallen Angels, Originators of Evil on Planet Earth?
> And they multitask, too!  From _Demon Possession Handbook for Human
> Service Workers_, at http://diskbooks.org/part1.html:
> 	10. Demonic Time-Sharing
> 	Back in the days when Jesus walked the earth and evicted a
> 	legion [6,000] demons out of one man, the world population was
> 	a fraction of what it is today. In fact, population experts
> 	believe the number of people alive today exceeds all the
> 	people who have died since the dawn of creation. Let's assume
> 	that the number of demons is fixed and that number is the same
> 	today as it was when Adam and Eve walked in the Garden of
> 	Eden. This means that demons today have to cover more
> 	territory -- in terms of human beings -- than at any time in
> 	the history of the human race. One way demons can accomplish
> 	this feat is through what computer experts refer to as
> 	time-sharing. In the computer world, a large main-frame
> 	computer can be used by many people at the same time, without
> 	those users even knowing about the existence of each
> 	other. When telephone lines are used, people from all over the
> 	world can access the same computer simultaneously. The
> 	computer works with each user in turn and does so with such
> 	speed that each simultaneous user has the illusion of being
> 	the only person logged on at that time. The Internet uses a
> 	form of time-sharing. It may not be as fast as you would like,
> 	but it's time sharing.
> 	Demons may work the same way. Although they are not
> 	omnipresent in the same sense as God is everywhere at the same
> 	time, apparently they can move from point to point at very
> 	high speeds. Assuming that their minimum speed of travel is
> 	the speed of electricity, 186,000 miles per second, a single
> 	demon can trouble a large number of people in the course of a
> 	few minutes. This is like a computer is able to work with a
> 	large number of customers, through time-sharing.
> I can well believe that demons are involved in threaded programming.
> --amk
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