Replacing ActivePython?

Jeff Shannon jeff at
Thu Dec 27 21:28:14 CET 2001

David Brady wrote:

> I know I'll need to grab win32all and install it...
> what else should I do?  For example, how do I make WSH
> execute .pys files?  They don't appear to be
> recognized under the sources.  I'm assuming
> that it's some sort of registry tweak that's handled
> in the ActiveState installer.

The win32all package includes scripts that will register
Python for use by ActiveScripting (and thus, WSH).  I don't
recall exactly where, but I think underneath win32comext
somewhere--it's discussed in the docs at some point.

There may be other registration scripts that need to be run,
as well, but I believe that installing win32all on top of
PythonLabs Python yields almost exactly the same thing as

Mind you, you'll still have to wait for Mark Hammond to
build win32all for 2.2 .... though it sounds like he'll have
lots of time to work on that now.  :(

(Wishing good karma to Mark...)

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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