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Robin Becker robin at
Sun Dec 16 08:25:52 EST 2001

In article <j4k7vngw8y.fsf at>, Martin von Loewis
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>Robin Becker <robin at> writes:
>> I'm trying to use the webbrowser module, but don't seem to have a
>> 'default' webbrowser set up somehow. Any win32 experts know what I have
>> to do to get win2k to use netscape as a default browser?
>netscape *is* the default on Windows, but it tries to find it in your
>If that fails, it tries to do os.startfile to open a browser; if you
>manage to associate anything with the extension of the file you are
>trying to open, it should work with webbrowser as well.
I have associated netscape with html files, but it's not on the path and
I get strange messages from double clicking on html files. It's
something to do with having allowed IE to be the default browser at one
point and then netscape not quite getting itself back properly
Robin Becker

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