win32all-141 for Python 2.2

Bruce Eckel Bruce at
Sun Dec 30 18:07:10 CET 2001

I tried this on my stuff (I rely heavily on PythonCOM for my build
systems) and it worked flawlessly. Hooray! And thanks again to

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On 12/29/01 at 4:28 AM Mark Hammond wrote:

>I have made a new win32all release for Python 2.2.
>Hrmm - it seems I can't login to starship :(  So I have
>placed it at:
>The only new known issue is that "Active Debugging" will probably
>work - using the Microsoft Debuggers when using Python in an ASP
or IE 
>page will fail.
>I will move this to starship, including details of exactly what
>changed, ASAP.

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