Calling a generator multiple times

Just van Rossum just at
Sat Dec 8 15:59:09 EST 2001

Courageous wrote:
> >If it _was_ "plain wrong" it wouldn't be the way it is.
> One of the objections to what I've written has been, on several
> occasions, "After you've worked with them for a while, you'll
> not have any problems with them" or some equivalent. What's
> wrong-headed about this kind of thinking is that this is true
> of original programmers everywhere. They always generally
> understand their own code. Embedding a keyword deep in a function
> definition and then having this embedding make the function
> in effect behave entirely differently isn't just wrong, it's
> bizarre.

How can you say that with such absolutely certainty? Have you read
the PEP now?


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