COM Registration Attributes

Bill Bell bill-bell at
Wed Dec 5 17:18:24 CET 2001

Gordon McMillan <gmcm at> wrote:
> Bill Bell wrote:
> > "Python Programming on Win32" mentions that '_reg_options_' is a
> > "dictionary of additional keys to be written to the registry for the
> > COM object".
> > 
> > Has anyone an example or two, since I've been unable to find any?
> class MyCOMServer:
>     __reg_options_ = {'mykey':'myvalue'}
>     ...
> When registered, there will be a key 'mykey' sibling to
> 'InProcServer32' with a default value of 'myvalue'. I don't know if it
> will handle other types, or anything more complex.

Thanks, Gordon. I just prototyped a simple COM that needs to 
declare itself safe for Internet Explorer. Looks like I need to continue 
to do that in the good old-fashioned way, with 'RegOpenKey', etc. 
Would seem more elegant to be able to use '_reg_options_'.

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