age of new pythonistas [was: The Editor Poll results are in!]

Kirill Miazine km-list-python at
Thu Dec 20 13:02:57 EST 2001

* Stephen Ferg <steve at> [20011214 07:14]:
> My age at the time that I discovered Python (about a year ago):
> 54
> My  pre-Python programming experience: PL/I, Cobol, Visual Basic,
> PowerBuilder, and REXX.  IBM MVS, DOS, Windows, no Unix.
> It looks like many new Pythonistas are older, rather than younger. 

I'm 19. Programming Python for only one week (and already sublcassing
and doing other "advanced" things :). I've using Perl for 2 years and a
little bit C. 

> When you are younger, your whole universe consists of the language
> that you learned first -- it takes a while to learn that the universe
> contains many, many languages to choose from.  Then, when you realize
> you have a choice, it takes a while to find Python in the welter of
> alternatives.  And finally, it is only after you have been around a
> while, and seen the alternatives, that you can really appreciate how
> much better Python is than any of the alternatives.

I agree. I'm happy I discovered Python so early :-)


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