Time for a Fresh Scheme Standard: Say Goodbye to the RnRS Relic

Tim Peters tim.one at home.com
Sun Dec 23 00:21:54 EST 2001

[Chris Gonnerman]
> Who are these people, and what are they doing in this list?

This comes from the Usenet (comp.lang.python) side of the list -- language
wars are often massively cross-posted to irrelevant groups, because one
person does so for dubious reasons, and then everyone else doesn't bother to
trim the x-posted newgroups from their replies.

> I bear no malice toward any language (unless you count disgust
> with Visual Basic or confusion with Perl) and would not engage
> in such heated battle with anyone over any language.


> This is the only list I still subscribe to because 1) I love
> Python and 2) the people, from GvR on down, are reasonable and
> generally quite polite.

We're working hard to change that, and are grateful to the splintered Lisp
communities for showing us how far we still need to go.

nobody-fights-like-identical-twins<wink>-ly y'rs  - tim

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