Distutils question

Steve Holden sholden at holdenweb.com
Fri Dec 21 17:22:24 EST 2001

"Fernando Pérez" <fperez528 at yahoo.com> wrote ...
> Steve Holden wrote:
> >
> > Erm, Fernando means, of course, "...bug those folks a bit". At least, I
> > he does. Otherwise see the recent post under "Huge dicts..."
> thanks for the correction. You know, us foreigners...
> Anyway, I looked up the 'huge dict' posts and didn't see anything
> related. What did you have in mind?

    "Chris Perkins" <chrisperkins99 at rogers.com> wrote in message
news:KCuU7.1242$l6f.461 at news1.bloor.is...
    > Please! This sort of filth is not welcome in this group. Find
somewhere else
    > to...
    > Oh, wait - that's a "t".  Sorry.  Never mind.
    > ;-)
> btw, the recent postings to the distutils mailing list seem to point to
> improvements, and the current docs (on the web, not the ones from python
> are indeed better. So I might wait out for 2.2 to come out before
> too loudly.
> I really hope distutils fully matures, it seems very nice but yesterday
> trying to do things outside of the very narrowly defined options of
> felt like a huge PITA. Maybe I'm just dumb.
I quite like distutils myself, but the documentation is badly in need of
existing (not really fair, the stuff there is has the content of a book in
about fifteen pages - what I really mena is stuff people like me can
understand :-)



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