Time for a Fresh Scheme Standard: Say Goodbye to the RnRS Relic

MJ Ray markj+0111 at cloaked.freeserve.co.uk
Sun Dec 23 04:33:59 EST 2001

Erik Naggum <erik at naggum.net> wrote:
>  Have you thought about how _necessary_ it is for you Scheme freaks to be
>  hostile to those who do not agree with you?  E.g., where _did_ the stupid
>  need to attack Common Lisp now come from?  So immature and vindictive!

Sorry Erik.  I attacked you, not Common Lisp.  Or are you Common Lisp

>  [...] so far, we have had a large number of Scheme freaks invade
>  Common Lisp fora to tell us how superior Scheme is, while no Common Lisp
>  programmers invade Scheme camps to tell you how good Common Lisp is.

I can only think of one Common Lisp forum, CLiki, and it contains little
about Scheme.  Maybe you wish to make general Lisp fora "pure" and filled
only with your One True Lisp?

I've snipped the rest of your content-free post.  Followups set.

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