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"Erik Myllymaki" <erik at> wrote in message
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> The '_' and '!' were in the original string that was then encoded, not
> in the resulting encoded string.

Then, it's clearly a bug in the base64 module you're using.  I
don't see it here:

>>> x=base64.encodestring('oh_my!')
>>> x
>>> base64.decodestring(x)

[original context was -- oh those hateful add-in-front habits!:

> >>should base64.decodestring give a binascii.error if it encounters
> >>special chars like '_' and '!' ?
> >
> > Makes sense to me; after all, such characters should never be
> > in a string produced by base64, so the data must have been
> > damaged in transit -- raising an exceptions seems appropriate.



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