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NNTP is an internet protocol like SMTP, POP3 and HTTP for communication.
Also, it is the oldest one and it used to be the most instructive before AOL
hit the scene along with the 'gold rush' :)
Ask your ISP if they offer NNTP support through their own server.  Then you
can get an NNTP viewer/reader/poster/archiver/etc.... (On Windows, Outlook
Express acts also as a newsgroup reader.  Another good program is Agent.
Check for the latest programs under the NNTP section).
Having done that you can choose/subscribe in your favourite newsgroups (like
NNTP and newsgroups offer fantastic archiving mechanisms that no web forum
can ever aspire to in the present time.
Hope this helps.

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> Hello out there.
> > >It depends on how you view this 'forum.'  As far as I am concerned,
> > >**nothing** beats NNTP newsgroups viewed in a dedicated NNTP viewer.
> What means nntp ?
> Just my 2 cent question
> Best regards
> Tom Karas
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