Question: PIL and 16-bit TIFFs

Daniel Hennessy dh2 at
Fri Dec 7 23:04:42 CET 2001

  Does anyone know how to convince the Python Image
Library (v. 1.1) to read in 16-bit integer-intensity
TIFF image files?  When I put the PIL Image module in
debug mode, it spits out my files' format key as
(1, 1, (16,), ()).  I've tried to hack
to read this format (by adding the line
(1, 1, (16,), ()): ("L", "L;16")   to the OPEN_INFO
dictionary), but the best I can do is get it to read in
every pixel as intensity 2.  I think I've got the mode
variable right, but the "rawmode" variable has me
confused.  Any advice is welcome: mail dh2+ at

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