Is learning Python "extraordinary"?

Courageous jkraska at
Sat Dec 29 17:23:03 EST 2001

>I am a high school senior, and like many others, I am applying 
>to college.  I am applying to MIT (as well as many other schools).  
>MIT describes what they are looking for as students who do or have 
>done "extraordinary things".


Given the apathy of the vast majority of high school students,
any amount of self-initiative is in itself an extraordinary thing.
As a high school student, if you were authoring Python extensions,
now that would be genuinely extraordinary. For that matter,
contributing to the IT community in any way as a high school
student is remarkable.

Don't be afraid to stroke your own rhubarb, as it were, on a
college admissions test. You don't get points for modesty and
a self-deprecating nature on that type of thing. Trust me on
this. Brag.


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