pep proposal : A date object for the standard library

Harald Hanche-Olsen hanche at
Tue Dec 11 16:30:07 EST 2001

+ Greg Ewing <greg at>:

| People are very used to the idea of a date and a time
| of day going together and specifying a point in time.
| Having separate Date and TimeOfDay classes may be a
| good idea, but many people are going to be disappointed
| if there isn't also a DateTime class that blends
| them smoothly together somehow.

No, no, no.  I never meant to advocate a TimeOfDay class without
reference to the date.  If you need to specify a time, you need the
date to go with it, or the time is useless.  So there should be a Date
or Calendar class that merely understands dates and calendars, with no
reference to time of day.  And there should be a Time class, which
specifies a time by giving both the date (from the former class) and a
time of day.  (Complete with time zone information.)  All I'm saying
is that the first module needs to be nailed down dead solid before
you even start tackling the second.

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