ETA for Win32all under Python 2.2?

David Brady daves_spam_dodging_account at
Fri Dec 28 20:09:50 CET 2001

GAAAAAH!  It doesn't exist yet!

I want to say something bitter, like "Python is dead
to me," but saying "Python 2.2 is as yet unborn to me"
just comes off wobbly and obtuse.

Mark, I recall a poster I had in the mid-80's that had
definitions of various computer terms on it.  It had
the following definition:

CHAINING: Method of attaching programmers to their
desks to increase output.

Is Win32all for 2.2 done yet?  If you write back to
say no, I'll be forced to beat you for fiddling with
e-mail when you should be writing code... :-)

Ah, but seriously.  Great package.  So great that I
really can't afford to move to Python 2.2 until
Win32all supports it... so, if threats don't work,
I'll resort to bribes and then to begging.  Tell me
where you want the cookies sent.  :-)

Any idea of an ETA?


P.S. There's a longstanding rule in my family: you're
not allowed to complain about anything you could fix
yourself.  I'd offer to help, but "a beating" was the
funnier of the two threats.  :-)

David Brady
daves_spam_dodging_account at
I'm feeling very surreal today... or *AM* I?

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