Using Pythonwin as ASP editor

dsavitsk dsavitsk at
Tue Dec 4 14:13:33 EST 2001

i had a similar question about a month ago or so.  search the archives for
an explanation on how to edit the PythonWin source to customize it for .asp
editing -- then give up unless it is a big problem. ;-)  it was beyond my
skill, anyhow.


"Paul Brian" <paul1brian at> wrote in message
news:1007492220.13392.0.nnrp-07.c1c3e1d9 at
> Dear all,
> I am using Pythonwin as an editor for occasional ASP pages (I know I know,
> but I am trying to cut down).
> Unfortunately something in its default formatting of text makes it
> in squiggly red and green all the Python code encapsualted in <% %>
> Does anyone know how to stop it doing that - the formatting tool under
> "Edit/options" just does not seem to have the right options and I have
> ever glanced at Scintilla and have no idea where the config files for it
> in Pythonwin. The docs do not seem to point it out.
> I expect I am just missing something very obvious, but would be grateful
> any how to on making it format how I like.
> Cheers
> P Brian

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