Newbie Programming

Paul Rubin phr-n2001d at
Thu Dec 20 06:49:54 CET 2001

manutd8611 at (Evan Roman) writes:
> I have just begun programming in Python a couple months ago.  While i
> feel like i am doing OK, i don't think im getting any better.  The
> problem is i can't think of anything to program... I think I have most
> of the fundamentals down, but i can't think of any ways to use them. 
> I was just wondering if there was some website that gives ideas of
> little projects to do so that one could sharpen his programming
> skills.  Thanx in advance for all the help.

Think of some other area that interests you--photography, flying,
music, or whatever.  Then think of some programs you'd like to have,
that are related to that subject.  Then write the programs.

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