vi or emacs for editing Python on Linux?

maxm maxm at
Tue Dec 25 07:21:24 EST 2001

Thank you everyone. Thats one of the most civilized discussions I have ever
seen of editors :-)

It didn't make me all certains as to what I should do. But it gave me a
rather balanced view I think.

Being a person that practically lives in my editor all day I think I will
give Emacs a go, and then learn enough Wim to get by with. As one of you
said there are some people that starts their editor in the morning and then
close it when they go home.

I am more like "Start it at a new job, and stop it when I quit" So probably
Emacs is more my cup of tea. Also I like tools with a lot of depht, and
don't mind using some time to learn them.

I do use Vim occasionally for the odd sysadmin work, but I spend far more
time editing multiple source programs so startup time is not really that

But again thanks a lot for all of the well-argumented and thoughtout posts.

I will give it a go and see how it pans out.

warm regards Max M.

And merry Newtonmass

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