SSL Sockets in Windows

Gerhard Häring gh_pythonlist at
Fri Dec 7 19:23:29 CET 2001

Le 07/12/01 à 11:49, Michael Abbott écrivit:
> I'm running Python 2.1 on Windows NT, and I'd like to use socket SSL.  I 
> see that and socketmodule.c both contain support for SSL sockets, 
> but this does not appear to be compiled into my distribution.

The closest thing I know of is _socket.pyd compiled with SSL support for
Python 2.0, from Robin Dunn's page: Useful
only if you can downgrade to Python 2.0.

Beware that SSL on Python 2.1 has some nasty bugs, especially on
Windows. The good news is that all known problems should be fixed in
Python 2.2.

m2crypto ( has a win32 build for
Python 2.1. I haven't tried it on win32, though. But generally, it
should be a pretty mature Python/SSL package.

> Is this a problem with my distribution of Python, or is there some 
> fundamental reason why SSL support isn't actually enabled?

Perhaps political reasons, or lazyness, or lack of stability. Dunno.

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