age of new pythonistas [was: The Editor Poll results are in!]

Tim Hammerquist tim at
Thu Dec 27 14:07:17 EST 2001

François Pinard <pinard at> graced us by uttering:
> Even if I prefer Python to Perl, I would never even think that Perl
> is not well designed.  When I was using Perl, as a user (not as
> a reader of books about it :-), I found that Perl allowed me to
> quickly write my code, it was full of good ideas, and I felt the
> language quite fulfilled its promises.
> On the other hand, Perl was probably not designed according to my
> own tastes, and it is true that Python fits my tastes much better;
> the gained comfort alone is the source of some proficiency.  But
> not sharing my tastes does not make something necessarily bad.  And
> besides, wandering around a bit with an opened mind allows someone
> to improve its culture and to evolve his tastes.

Thank you. I could not have said this better (or more diplomatically)
myself, as I'm also an avid Perl hacker and tend to get defensive. Nor
can I help my bias. Perl and Python both have very different
personalities, but it's these differences that make them both equally

Tim Hammerquist

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