A modest indentation proposal

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Sat Dec 1 01:46:42 CET 2001

Neil Schemenauer wrote:
> I think the solution for this problem is not to add extra syntax
> to the language but to have smarter editors.

in most cases, "move block right/left" (e.g. smart select followed
by Tab or Shift-Tab in PythonWorks) is all you need.

compared to what a really smart editor can do, that's a rather
dumb operation.

> I believe effbot and the other people at Python Labs are working
> on a "refactoring browser" for Python.

Secret Labs != Python Labs.

and yes, we have a refactoring browser for PythonWorks.  it
does a lot more than keeping the indentation intact, though;
it helps you reorganize code (inline functions, move code
fragments into a separate functions, encapsulate attributes,
rename classes/methods/attributes, get rid of arguments,
etc) while doing its best to make sure that the resulting code
has *exactly* the same meaning as before.

(and no, it's not quite ready for public consumption.  maybe in
PythonWorks 2.0...)


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