PythonWare: Anyone using for real projects?

Dr. David Mertz mertz at
Tue Dec 18 19:04:58 EST 2001

bernhard at (Bernhard Reiter) wrote:
|First: The reviewer makes the mistake to equal "proprietory"
|software with "commercial" software. In fact Free Software can be

As said reviewer, I have to protest that I make no such mistake.  I
wrote exactly what I meant, and used all the words accurately.

Reiter is, of course, correct that Free Software can be commercial.  The
short review doesn't say anything about that one way or the other,
because those issues simply were not topical.  In practice--despite
legal technicalities of licenses that certain "enthusiasts" like to
observe--if some software is Free, I'm going to be able to obtain it
without paying money.  But it might well be worth paying the money
either because of support that comes with that or out of principled
support for the developers.

In the above review, I don't mention Free Software at all.  I *do*
contrast PythonWorks with the *free* Idle, PythonWin and MacPython.
That's not a comment on the license terms of the latter three; as Reiter
should recognize, the lower case says that you don't pay money for the
latter ones.  For Webreview, that's exactly the contrast most readers
are worried about.  The site just isn't one that has a lot of interest
in discussing freedom... and I write articles because I get paid money
for doing so (although I subsequently make the articles Free, and
obtainable from my own website).  When I write for places where readers
worry about the political principles of licenses, I mention those; when
I don't, I don't.

Yours, David...

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