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Suchandra Thapa ssthapa at classes.cs.uchicago.edu
Wed Dec 12 01:14:48 EST 2001

Chris Barker <chrishbarker at attbi.com> wrote:
>I know I had never heard of it, and still can't find it (the sourceforge
>page seems to be dead).

    You can find a current source on ftp.community.tummy.com in

>My experience when I posted a proposal was that almost everyone that did
>comment was all gung ho about their own personal vision of the nifty
>it-dowloads-and-installs-itself system, and no one wanted to do the work
>of just getting all the packages together. It seems no one wants to
>start small.

    With the lastest version of ciphon, there are a couple of utilies
to make file easier for packagers.  One lets distributers generates 
specification files easily.  The other takes a bunch of specification
files and tar balls and generates a  package with information about
all the packages and a populated directory structure that can be 
dropped onto an anonymous server.

>Will all things open source, this is going to take one person who puts
>in the time to put together something truly usefull, and then they may
>get some support. I hope I'll have the time someday, and if not me,
>someone else. I'm convinced it is needed.

    Currently I think ciphon has most of cpan's functionality.  It
will automatically update the server and package lists, handles dependencies,
and it'll even generate rpms of packages and install them (provided the package
supports the distutils bdist_rpm target).

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