urllib checks IE settings for proxy but ignores useful 'ProxyOverride' key

Wolfgang Strobl ws at mystrobl.de
Wed Dec 26 04:31:06 EST 2001

On 25 Dec 2001 20:45:24 -0800, abulka at netspace.net.au (Andy Bulka)
wrote :

>It seems that urllib.py has the smarts to look up the proxy settings
>in the windows registry settings that you control via the IE browser. 
>It checks the keys 'ProxyEnable' and 'ProxyServer' (to get the actual
>proxy host/port value).
>But urllib.py does NOT have the smarts to check the key
>'ProxyOverride' which has a range of tcp ip addresses to NOT use
>proxies on, as well as whether to bypass proxies for local addresses
>(the value of the key 'ProxyOverride' contains '<local>' if this
>option is turned on).
>Surely this is an important omission and should be introduced into the
>next version of python?

Well, after adding ProxyOverride support  myself, a few weeks ago, I
noticed that a similar fix could have been found in the CVS repository,
already, since August :-) 

It has been added in 1.129. See




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