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> Here's an example. In the Python FAQ, there's a reference (no URL)
> to a document:
> 5.1. Can I create my own functions in C?
> Yes, you can create built-in modules containing functions,
> variables, exceptions and even new types in C. This is explained in
> the document "Extending and Embedding the Python Interpreter" (the
> LaTeX file Doc/ext.tex). Also read the chapter on dynamic loading.
> So let's try to find "Extending and Embedding the Python
> Interpreter". Using 'search,' using 'advanced search,' nothing
> comes up with that title. Maybe it doesn't exist. Who knows. I have
> this struggle a lot when hunting for python information.

Hmm, all I have to do on windows is click on:
start->programs->python 2.1->python manuals

then click on "Extending and Embedding"

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