REPOST: ANN: mkpythonproj 1.4

Harry George hgg9140 at
Fri Dec 28 16:09:31 EST 2001

mkpythonproj generates full GNU-style projects, with setup,py,
unittest-style tests, pydoc-compliant modules, and additional
documentation.  Individual modules can also be generated (e.g., after
a project has been started).  The structure of the modules is driven
by templates.


Download from:

Recent changes:
2001-12-28: v1.4
  - Converted basic documentation to GNU style text files (CHANGES,
    README, etc.).

2001-10-30: v1.3
  - Seperated "BODY" template, so other bodies can be used.
  - Provide for alternative #!commands

Harry George
hgg9140 at

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