COMServer graphical output

dsavitsk dsavitsk at
Wed Dec 5 12:49:46 EST 2001

It doesn't seem that this is a COM question at all?  The COM server should
get the data from Access, do whatever to the data, then return it as per
normal.  If the data is being changed in transit try pickling it first.

The server itself shouldn't have a GUI.  It should just be an object like
any other.  In fact, if the server is written in Python, and the client is
written in Python, and both are on the same computer (i.e. not DCOM), using
COM is probably not the best idea.  The server should be a COM client as
well as a Python server, but this won't alter its doing work on the graphic
and returning it to a client.


"Jens Gelhaar" <cuiod-tec at> wrote in message
news:efc75b6a.0112050218.3b957d9a at
> Hi,
> has some one a hint for me, how to create an graphical output from a
> COMServer. To be more specific, I would like to create an COMServer,
> which receives some data from ACCESS and return an chart (PIDDLE-GIF)
> to be shown on the form. But I did not find anything usefull about
> this subject, how to transfer binary data or an image thru the COM
> Interface.
> Thanks Jens

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