Web Collaboration

mlorfeld matt at lorfeld.com
Mon Dec 24 03:12:28 EST 2001

I am involved with a project that is developing a web based
collaboration tool.  Currently we are using web-embedded voice over IP
for classroom and other purposes (http://www.cu-hearme.com).  To
better communicate we would like to enable everyone involved to be
able to Cobrowse.  By cobrowse I mean when one person enters a url (in
a frame for instance) everyone in that collaboration session would be
pushed the same web page.  I have looked at java implementations
(coldbeans java servlets) as well as integrated collaborations tools
(www.blackboard.com).  These however don't quite fit the niche we are
looking for.  I have also looked at Zope, yet as I'm posting this, I
am still just browsing through the documentation so I don't know if it
is even the right way to look.  Another approach to this that I've
been tinkering with is using a python cgi script to call from an sql
database the most recent url posted.  I desprately need another
perspective, as I have a gut instinct I'm approaching this the wrong
way.  I believe that python would be the best developement language as
it lends itself nicely for rapid developement.  Any suggestions
directions would be greatly appreciated.

Matt Lorfeld

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