PEP 276

James Althoff jamescalthoff at
Thu Dec 13 15:01:10 EST 2001

Reposted after omitting subject line -- sorry :-(

Michael Chermside wrote:

>Yeah. Is there a way to express my support for the
>limited and 
>well-reasoned proposal that is in PEP 276 itself
>without commiting 
>myself at all on the broad flurry of OTHER proposals
>folks have made here?

Absolutely!  In fact, you just did (thanks :-).

I am going to update PEP 276 based on all the recent
discussions.  But it will stay focused on its current
theme of just adding an iterator to class int.

If I have time, I will try to put the other
suggestions into a separate PEP (unless someone else
would rather take the lead) since they all address the
broader issue of dealing with intervals in a general


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