Tinker vs wxPython ?- Opinions/Views

Kevin Altis altis at semi-retired.com
Mon Dec 10 02:45:38 CET 2001

You should at least look at PythonCard.


There are over twenty sample programs that you can use to get started, some
screenshots are at:

PythonCard sits on top of wxPython (version 2.3.1 or higher), so you have to
install wxPython to develop with PythonCard. You can build Windows EXE files
using py2exe, so users of your program won't need Python or wxPython or
PythonCard if they are using Windows.

One of the samples is a rudimentary layout editor.


"Dan Howard" <dhhnews0 at hotmail.com> wrote in message
news:3ReQ7.21098$2Fd.14596 at news1.bloor.is...
> I'm a newbie at Python and about to create my first set of GUI
> I would like to run them on Windows and Linux ( and possibly MAC).
> I'm trying now to decide whether to use Tinker or wxPthyon.
> Would appleciate views, opinions and experiences...
> Thanks - Dan

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