Model View Presenter GUI pattern?

Greg Goodman chironsw at
Fri Dec 14 14:26:10 EST 2001

george young wrote:
> Is anyone using the Model View Presenter GUI framework/pattern in python?
> I've been reading bits about it, and it sounds quite attractive.

Sure; I use it almost anytime I model a system and want to provide the
user the ability to view or manipulate the model.

Currently, I'm building an integrated design and analysis environment
(IDAE?) for an engineering company that designs oil rigs.  One
collection of classes models the rig.  A parallel set of (operator)
classes provides edit dialogs that allow the user to edit individual
components; another set of (operator) classes represent the components
of the model as nodes in a tree/browser view; yet a third set of
(operator) classes provides a manipulable (click-and-drag) graphic view
of the rig components.  Currently, I don't have a pure viewer class, but
I'll build one if/when we get around to implementing a simulation of rig

Greg Goodman

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