age of new pythonistas [was: The Editor Poll results are in!]

cruciatuz sasoft at
Mon Dec 3 13:13:28 EST 2001

On Mon, Dec 03, 2001 at 04:48:46AM +0000, David Lees wrote:
> Same here, 51, wrote first program 38 years ago.  Discovered Python
> close to a year ago, but have programmed in it sporatically(sp.).  Great
> language.

I just reply because i decided to lower the average "python-user-age" ;)

I am 18.

A few uninteresting things about me (clever people should skip that):
Python is one of my hobbies and i don't earn money with it (i'm still going to
school). Python is great if i want to code little snippets of code which
will do interesting things for me. that's my case, python is great for most
other (bigger) projects as well (zope, etc.). I came to python because i hated Java
and C++ and Delphi and Basic because of their weaknesses. As a beginner
you're directly confronted with theses weaknesses! 
Then i did something in Perl, which was cool. But ... you know what Perl
is like: sometimes it's like Perl is making fun of you. It was like Perl
would say: "haha, you'll never learn all about me and you'll forget
after one week what this code is was used for"
I discovered python:
and it was a language like i'd have designed it myself. I really like
everything about it. am not a skilled coder, i have to admit. but i'd
like to learn programming in a professional way to earn money with it.
i hope i can do this with python, because i am idealistic about python
and idealistic about computers as well :)

Stefan Antoni
Mon Dez  3 12:59:18 EST 2001
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