How to get currently active window on Win32?

David Brady daves_spam_dodging_account at
Sun Dec 16 02:53:49 CET 2001

Hi all,

More win32all questions... is it possible to get the
handle of the window that currently has the focus? 
win32gui.GetActiveWindow() fails because I'm looking
for a window outside the process of my Python script.

Second question, it looks like PyCWnd supports all of
the MFC functionality that I could want (including
GetTopWindow, ahem) but I can't figure out how to get
at a PyCWnd object.  How can I call these MFC
functions... or do I have to create a Win32 PyCWnd
dialog in order to call from it?

Third, is it possible to call GetWindowPlacement and
SetWindowPlacement from Python?  I'd like to write a
script that manipulates the positions of my open

Fourth (and last, phew!), is there a way to find out a
window's class?  FindWindow, for example, will look
for a caption or a window class; it's more accurate to
look for window classes (especially when you have six
different apps running whose caption begins with
'Untitled') but I don't see anyway to inspect or get
window classes of running windows from within Python.

Sorry for such demanding question asking... and thank
you in advance for any help rendered.


David Brady
daves_spam_dodging_account at
I'm feeling very surreal today... or *AM* I?

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