RELEASED Python 2.2 release candidate 1 is out!

Barry A. Warsaw barry at
Fri Dec 14 15:06:13 EST 2001

Today we release Python 2.2c1, the first and hopefully only release
candidate for Python 2.2, for your extravagation, eyestrain, and

Our thanks to everyone who helped test Python 2.2 during its alpha and
beta phases, and to everyone who contributed patches, feedback, and
suggestions!  Barring any showstopper bugs, we plan on releasing
Python 2.2 final in one week.  Please continue to report any bugs you
find to the bug tracker:

Highlights of what's new for this release are outlined below.  For a
more complete list, please see:

Andrew Kuchling is writing a gentle introduction to the most important
changes, titled "What's New in Python 2.2":

Guido's written his own introduction to the type/class unification at:


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What's New in Python 2.2c1?
Release date: 14-Dec-2001

- The "delete attribute" method of descriptor objects is called
  __delete__, not __del__.

- Some subtle issues with the super built-in were fixed.

- hash() of an instance of a subclass of mutable type now properly
  raises TypeError.

- New style objects now support deleting their __dict__.

- -Qnew now works as documented in PEP 238.

- complex() now only allows the first argument to be a string

- gc.get_referents was renamed to gc.get_referrers.

- It is no longer necessary to use --with-suffix when building on a
  case-insensitive file system (such as Mac OS X HFS+).

- In unix-Python on Mac OS X (and darwin) sys.platform is now "darwin",
  without any trailing digits.

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