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Tim Roberts timr at
Sun Dec 30 22:21:43 CET 2001

Once in a while, I use the standard library module as a
standalone Base64 decoder.  However, there is a slight problem with this.
Most base64 attachments are encoded because they were binary files to begin
with.  The test() module writes its results to stdout, which on
Windows is a text file by default.  CR/LF and Ctrl-Z confusion ensues.

I'd like to suggest the following four lines be inserted just before the
end of base64.test():

        if o == '-t': test1(); return
+   if func == decode and sys.platform == 'win32':
+       import os
+       import msvcrt
+       msvcrt.setmode( sys.stdout.fileno(), os.O_BINARY )
    if args and args[0] != '-':
        func(open(args[0], 'rb'), sys.stdout)
        func(sys.stdin, sys.stdout)
- Tim Roberts, timr at
  Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

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