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Cary Coulter cwc_NO at
Thu Dec 6 00:14:20 EST 2001

 I'm running DB2 on AIX.  Using the (v0.99) module. I'm able to
fetch some data but am having a problem.
Sample code:
import DB2
conn = DB2Connection(dsn='xxx', uid='xxx', pwd='xxx')
curs = conn.cursor()

# 1
ret = curs.execute("SELECT * from TABLE")
data = curs.fetchall()

# 2
ret = curs.execute("SELECT * from TABLE WHERE ID LIKE 'abc%'")
data = curs.fetchall()

# 3
ret = curs.execute("SELECT ID, NAME from TABLE")
data = curs.fetchall()


The first 2 select/fetchall's work.  'data' is a list of tuples
containing the row data.  Dumping curs.description shows a tuple of
tuples with all of the columns and their attributes.

The third execute/fetchall doesn't work completely.  'data' is a empty
list ([] rather than None) but curs.description contains a tuple of
tuples for the 2 columns specified.

Any idea why #3 won't work or something to look at??  I can put some
debug code in the _db2_module.c code and log stuff to disk, but first
I'm looking for something simpler than learning the low level
interface to DB2.

Thanks in advance.


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