Bus Error in HP-UX 11.00

Jody Winston josephwinston at mac.com
Thu Dec 20 16:04:45 CET 2001

imvenki at hotmail.com (venkatakrishnan.k) writes:

> Hai,
> I was using Python2.1 which was build from source using gcc-3.0.1
> compiler.
> I did the conventional configure, make & make install dance for my
> source.
> Whether i was right or wrong,i concluded that the problem was with my
> build.
> So i opted for a readymade binary for python for HP.
> I got a HP-ported python binary from
> http://hpux.connect.org.uk/hppd/hpux/Languages/python-2.1
> and i am no longer getting that "Bus Error".
> So i assumed that my conclusion was right.
> But i have one more problem.
> I am actually porting my python code developed for Windows to HP.
> I use ActivePython-2.1 from www.activestate.com for Windows.
> It comes with builtin support for packages like distutils & zlib.
> But i was shocked to see that these packages are missing in my HP-UX
> binary.
> Now i am searching for a binaries for all such additional packages.
> Does anybody have the binary or i have to do the same 'configure ;make
> ; make install' activity????

Python 2.2 builds and runs straight out of the box on HP using HP's
compilers.  You'll get distutils but you'll have to download zlib and
compile it then add it to Setup/Modules.

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