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On Fri, 30 Nov 2001 14:35:41 -0800, Erann Gat <gat at jpl.nasa.gov> wrote:
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><brueckd at tbye.com> wrote:
>> But as you agreed earlier, their objection is a nit-pick and their
>> reasoning (based on the fact that it's an "underdog") is irrational.
>> Those are two very bad reasons to change a language. ;-)
> That depends on one's goal.  My goal is to convince the Powers that Be
> here to let me write flight software in Python instead of C++.  If a tiny,
> inconsequential change to the language lets me accomplish that then I
> think it's an excellent reason to change the language.  

    That is understood.  However, your goal is not automatically the
language's and those who use and design the language's goal.  As he said an
irrattional nit-pick is not a reason to change a language.  It is far better
for you to change your tactics on addressing that irrational nit-pick or have
then understand that it is indeed irrational and a nit-pick than to presume to
change the language on a bad reasoning.

> Now from here on how the story goes is up to you.  If you simply insist
> that the problem doesn't exist you will lose, at least in the short run,

    No, "we" do not lose.  Not in the short run, not in the long run.  "We"
are not the ones pitching this and asking for the change.  *You* are.  

    As joe developer off doing my own thing with Python, or working on a
SourceForge project in Python, or doing professional work in Python I have
lost nothing.  Nothing.  

    That was a very bad attempt at an emotional ploy there knowing that people
don't want to lose.  However, we have to acknowledge and actively participate
in a contest to lose.

    Now, IANAP.  Guido and others who are involved in making this wonderful
language may very well disagree with me on that point.  Maybe they will feel
they would have lost something.  I just don't see it because I see no contest.  

    Sure it would be nice if I could say "NASA/JPL uses Python" when I want to
push it for one of my projects.  But I would rather that be true because it is
Python for what it is, not what NASA/JPL wants it to be for their

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