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maxm maxm at mxm.dk
Tue Dec 18 06:21:18 EST 2001

From: "Sean Reifschneider" <jafo-pythonlist at tummy.com>

> After publicizing the implementation and the "--submit" patches to the the
> main python list and the distutils/catalog sigs, I got exactly *ONE*
> package upload.
> So, is it that the people who want it aren't the people who can make it
> happen?  Are the people who want it to happen not motivated enough to
> actually do something about it?  Is it just not really that interesting of
> a problem?

I guess that to kickstart a system like that, there would have to be a
source of authority blessing the use of the system. And it should be
featured prominently on the frontpage of python.org. I have used Python for
a couple of years. Have been on the list the same time, and didn't know that
the functionality existed.

A believe that a Python CPAN system has to be somehow officially sanctioned
to work.

But then that's the old problem with core language design vs. library
enhancements, and who should do what, that we see again.

regards Max M

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