Deprecate tabs for indenting (was Re: Indenting with tabs vs spaces)

Steve Lamb grey at
Tue Dec 4 13:18:42 EST 2001

On 4 Dec 2001 11:48:17 -0600, Chris Spencer <clspence at> wrote:
> 	How many times do people have to point out that you're wrong?

    2000 people rallying to the wrong point does not magicaly transform it
into a right.

> 	When we standardized on the "tabber" method, everything just magically
>lined up in the editor.  The spacers defined their tabs to be 2 or 3 spaces
>in width so it was comfortable to look at (I choose 8 spaces of width), but
>all of the code looked the SAME instead of the crazy mixture we had before.

    Which would have happened if you standardized on a number of spaces for

> 	Maybe if you only code for yourself you can have total uniformity of
> coding style amongst all of your projects.  When you're dealing with several
> people on a development project, that "tabber" convention is absolutely "the
> Right Thing(tm)".

    Except in the example, which is not uncommon.  In fact a tabber in this
very thread promoted mixing tabs and spaces in response to it!

    Tabs are the worst possible thing and no large number of people rallying
behind it will change it to a right.  All it proves is that like any other
foolish notion you can fool quite a few people into believing it.  

    The difference is while all the tabbers are whining on the side of
"preference" I'm pointing out very real logistical problems which has nothing
to do with preference.  Preference takes a back seat.  When you stop ignoring
that you'll come to understand the problem.
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