age of new pythonistas

Tim Peters at
Fri Dec 21 03:36:43 CET 2001

[Bengt Richter]
> What I wonder about is the dev group, starting with Guido and Tim ;-)

[Mark Hammond]
> Guido is a few years older than me, and Tim a few years older than him :)

[Lulu of the Lotus-Eaters]
> I've wondered that myself, from time to time.

Oh, you're not the only one!  I wonder acutely at times.  Alas, while Mark did
a masterful job of deducing the relationships among our ages, it's the only
clue we've got -- until Mark reveals his own age, Guido and I are as baffled as
everyone else.  I suspect Fredrik Lundh also knows Mark's age, but you've seen
how hard it is to get a straight answer from a bot.

> In Guido's case, it seems fairly easy to ballpark (maybe just from recent
> pictures).  His resume at provides
> some guidelines.
> ...
> Guessing the MA came right after a college degree, he was probably around 23
> in 1977.

Stuff and nonsense.  I know for a fact that Guido recently had his first child.
Given the notorious and shameful lack of self-restraint among the Dutch, *I*
figure that proves he was about 13 years old approximately 10 months ago.
Indeed, I wouldn't be surprised a bit if his son became older than him as early
as next year.

old-enough-not-to-remember-ly y'rs  - tim

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