Update Oreilly books?

Alex Russell alex at netWindows.org
Mon Dec 17 06:09:18 EST 2001

My personal opinion is that you can do better than "Programming Python". I
own both editions, and like neither, which is a damn shame since it's
O'Rielly, and the author isn't bad at all. It's just that the organization
is a mess, there's virtually no reference material, and truly useful topics
like XML are simply skipped.

That said, try the New Riders books, my roommate had to get them for a
class, and they're solid reference material as well as being a good
instructional piece.

If, however, your heart is set on buying "Programming Python", get the
latest version. I don't know that waiting for 3.0 (and the associated lag
with the new version of the book) will necessarily set you in any better




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> I am about to slowly transfer out of my newbie status, and I am going
> to purchase a Programming Python Book (an upgrade from learning python)
> and I wanted to know if anyone knows whether Oreilly will update the
> book with the upcoming 2.2 release or if the 2nd edition will last till
> 3.0 Python relase.
> Thank You
> Dan
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